Welcome to the Fit Kit Video Library!

This collection of workouts can be completed entirely with the contents of your BCSS Fit Kit. There are plenty of videos to choose from- and more coming soon!

If you’ve already un-packed your fit-kit, and you’re ready to go- be sure to get started by checking out the compound-movement warm-up routine. The warm-up is suitable for any of the videos in the library.

Happy training everyone!

Getting Started…

Before we get moving- this short video explains what’s in the fit kit and how we plan to use it.

Compound Warm-ups

Never start a workout without a good warm-up. If you’re comfortable with your own full-body warm-up routine, feel free to rely on that instead. But this series of compound movements will prepare you for any of the videos in the fit kit video series.

The Mini-band Full-body Workout

The mini-band is a great piece of fitness equipment for getting comfortable with good alignment and prioritizing quality in your movements. This full-body workout relies only on the mini-band and can be done virtually anywhere- even in a crowded space!

Full-body Resistance Band Workouts 1, 2, and 3

Here are three great full-body workout options that rely on the handled resistance band in your fit kit. Once you’re familiar with them all, you can start mixing and matching exercises to build your own workouts using your fit kit. You may want to switch between levels of resistance with your band during this workout- so if you haven’t watched it already, be sure to check out the short fit-kit orientation video, which shows you how to easily change the band on the handles.

Upper Body Resistance Band Only

Not feeling any lower body work today? Check out this upper body resistance band workout that blends a few exercises from each of the full-body challenges.

Lower Body Resistance Band Only

If you’re looking for a resistance band workout that prioritizes strength and stability in the lower body, check this one out.

Looking for more?

There are plenty of other great fitness video resources here on StrongerBCSS. Be sure to check out what else is happening in the Train Now section, and the Smarter Athletes page as well!