Train with Stronger BCSS wherever you are… This new section of the site was designed for our student-athletes who want to access a variety of workout and training options remotely.

Don’t have access to a lot of training equipment? No problem… The exercise video library is categorized by the equipment needed- and most workouts have been built with minimalism in mind, meaning that you likely won’t need more than a small space (think yoga mat) and one or two other versatile fitness tools.

Cruise through the exercise video library- and be sure to check back often, as new workouts are going to added regularly.

Thinking of getting your own fitness space started at home?

If you’re considering the idea of building your own fitness space at home, and are wondering where to get started, be sure to check out this post on the top five most versatile and recommended home fitness resources to keep you fit, and moving well.

And as always- if you have any questions about getting started, or how you can modify your approach to any of these training sessions, feel free to get in touch!