Welcome to Day 5 of the Six Day Challenge!

It’s never a bad time to incorporate some power, speed, and quickness into your training- and being stuck indoors, or confined to just a few square meters of space isn’t a good excuse not to do it.

Today, we focus on moving quickly, with purpose. We’ll explore some power and quickness drills that can be done just about anywhere with just about anything…

Today’s Workout : Minimalist Power, Speed & Quickness Drills

In today’s workout, we’ll complete our drills in “pairs” after completing a specific set of mobility exercises that target the joints and specific velocities and muscle actions that we’ll be using in the workout.

Each pair of drills consists of one “power” plyometric exercise and one “quickness” agility-based or reactive-ability-baed exercise.

Since our power exercises are intended to be high-velocity, explosive, maximal effort drills- pairing them with a reactive ability or quickness drill before completing a second, third, or fourth set will promote recovery between work.

Once again- the recommended approach to today’s workout is to watch the video and follow along on one device, while recording your time-lapse video on another.

If you’re up for it, stick around for the bonus challenge today- which will put your ankle stability and multi-directional control to the test!

The Six Day Challenge | Day 5 | Minimalist Power, Quickness, and Reactive Ability Drills
Day 5 of the Six Day Challenge!

Done today’s workout? Great! Time to upload your proof of your workout via time-lapse video, and, if you managed to do it, additional proof of your multi-directional single-leg hop challenge in real-time video!

Remember… you’ll need to be logged into your YRDSB GAPPS account to do this part.

When you’re uploading your proof, make sure you select your class teacher from the “My Teacher” drop-down menu. This is important for scoring class results on the school leaderboard!