Welcome to Day 4 of the Six Day Challenge!

Good movement comes from the core.

This truth applies to athletic movement just as much as it applies to our everyday full-body functional movements.

Whether we are hinging down to pick a box up off the floor, or loading up our maximal vertical jump effort to pull down a rebound- our postural control and ultimately, our performance in the task at hand is going to depend on what’s happening at our centre. And I’m not just talking about strength here- but activation as well. Are your core muscles ready to go to work for you? Let’s find out….

Today’s Workout : Functional Core Strength. Movements Borrowed from Pilates and Yoga

Today, we’re borrowing a series of core strength and stability movements from both pilates, and yoga practises.

If you love this workout and can’t get enough of it… the very next thing you should do is take a deep dive into both pilates and yoga- since we’ve really only just scratched the surface of what kind of eye-opening core strength work you can be introduced to through both of these amazing parts of the fitness world.

You’ll hear me say it in the video… “Your core is only as strong as its weakest link.” Use today’s workout as an opportunity to recognize this for yourself. Where is your weakest link in your core? Are you ignoring it? What can you do about it?

If you’re able to, use today’s video (below) to follow along by pausing and playing after each series is demonstrated. Don’t forget to time-lapse your own recording- and to record yourself (in real time) doing today’s daily challenge (my favourite), the ultimate stability squat!

The Six Day Challenge | Day 4 | Functional Core Strength : Pilates & Yoga Movements
Day 4 of the Six Day Challenge!

Done today’s workout? Great! Time to upload your proof of your workout via time-lapse video, and, if you managed to do it, additional proof of your ultimate stability squat challenge in real-time video!

Remember… you’ll need to be logged into your YRDSB GAPPS account to do this part.

When you’re uploading your proof, make sure you select your class teacher from the “My Teacher” drop-down menu. This is important for scoring class results on the school leaderboard!