Welcome to Day 3 of the Six Day Challenge!

Time for some fresh air. Today we’re taking our energy outdoors for a run, jog, hike, or speed-walk… whatever will push you “just enough”

Our goal today is a little bit different- so pay careful attention to today’s video on completing the challenge, and how to upload your proof!

Today’s Workout : 25-30:00 Aerobic Capacity Session & Budgeting Energy

In order for most of us to truly improve and test our aerobic capacity and our ability to budget energy, we need to learn by trial and error occasionally.

Today- we’re working on finding that sweet spot between aerobic endurance training, and the anaerobic training that causes us to run out of breath quickly.

When we’re running or working hard with a steady effort for an extended time period-we’re either operating above, or below a limit or threshold… one that ultimately determines whether or not we’re starting to build “debt”.

The goal of an aerobic capacity run is indeed, to build some debt- making sure that we’re working hard enough to feel the struggle- but also- to budget our energy well enough so that an “even split” or a “negative split” is an attainable goal.

What is an even or negative split?

An even-split is a result that shows that your workout performance was balanced. Essentially, it will show that the first half of your run, jog, or hike took you the same amount of time as the second half.

A negative split is a result that shows that your workout performance was well budgeted, and that you were able to post an even faster / better performance during the second half of your run, jog, or hike, than your first. Now, obviously, a negative split can be pretty easy to achieve if you’re purposefully going slow during your first half- but that’s sort-of missing the point.

So, just to be clear, running a split that is too negative will also cause you to miss out on bonus points for your daily challenge!

So how do I do today’s Challenge?

In order to nail down today’s challenge, you’ll need to use your smart phone or smart watch with your favourite GPS fitness tracking app.

There are dozens of free apps out there that generally all work the same. In the video, I’m using a free app called Polar Beat, which also allows me to pair a heart rate training device.

Other free run tracking apps include:

  1. Strava
  2. The Nike Run Club
  3. Map My Run (My Fitness Pal)
  4. Runkeeper

Once you’ve got an app installed- you’re almost ready to go- but you’ll need to quickly look at a map to plan your route. Choose an out-and-back route so that no-matter where you turn around, you will be at the 50% mark of your run/jog/walk.

Many apps will allow you to push a “split” button at this point. If you can- do it… it will make things easier later.

When you get back to your starting point, make sure you stop recording and save your run in your app.

Each of the apps listed above, as well as most others- will allow you to scroll back through your run and see the time that was recorded at your halfway point.

If you made an even (or slightly negative) split, be sure to take a screen capture that proves it, and upload it in today’s daily challenge proof form (second link below the video). Good luck!

The Six Day Challenge | Day 3 | Aerobic Capacity : Budgeting Energy & The Even Split
Day 3 of the Six Day Challenge!

Done today’s workout? Great! Time to upload your proof of your run, and, if you managed to do it, additional proof that shows your even split!

Remember… you’ll need to be logged into your YRDSB GAPPS account to do this part.

When you’re uploading your proof, make sure you select your class teacher from the “My Teacher” drop-down menu. This is important for scoring class results on the school leaderboard!