Welcome to Day 2 of the Six Day Challenge!

Let’s shift gears- and slow tings down a bit. But don’t get too comfortable. We’re slowing down- but not taking a break.

Today’s Workout : Full-body Mobility & Stability : 30-minute Yoga Flow

For most of you- this 30-minute yoga session should provide a nice combination of challenging strength and stability work with relaxing, and possibly, eye-opening mobility work.

All you’ll need is a little bit of space, and ideally, a soft surface between yourself and the ground. In this particular workout, following along with the video is highly recommended so that the tempo and timing of the poses will take you the same thirty-minutes that it took me!

Don’t forget to stay tuned at the end of the video for today’s daily challenge!

The Six Day Challenge | Day 2 | Full-body Mobility and Stability : 30-minute Yoga Flow
Day 2 of the Six Day Challenge!

Done today’s session? Great! Time to upload your time-lapse video, and, if you did it, video proof of your daily challenge!

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