Welcome to Day 1 of the Six Day Challenge!

Here we are… No turning back now. This is the first day of the Six Day Challenge- and we’re so glad you’re here.

Today’s Workout : Minimalist Lower Body Power & Strength + Functional Core Strength Circuit Session

That’s a mouthful. But it really isn’t going to get much more simple than this. All you’ll need for today’s workout is a little bit of open space, and something that you can step-down off of ranging from 8-16 inches.

Taller participants will want to opt for something closer to the 16-inch mark, and those who are less-tall will be well-suited to use something like a standard step on a staircase. In the video below, I’m using a 12-inch milk crate. Old school. I know.

Ideally you can follow along with the workout video below (that’s what I recommend) as you record yourself (time-lapse) completing the workout yourself. I realize that you’ll need two devices in order to do this (typically- a phone to record the time-lapse video, and a computer or smart TV to watch and follow along).

The Six Day Challenge | Day 1 | Minimalist Lower Body Power & Strength + Functional Core Strength
Day 1 of the Six Day Challenge!

Done the workout? Great! Time to upload your time-lapse video, and, if you did it, proof of your daily challenge!

Remember… you’ll need to be logged into your YRDSB GAPPS account to do this part.

When you’re uploading your proof, make sure you select your class teacher from the “My Teacher” drop-down menu. This is important for scoring class results on the school leaderboard!