This is a great place to get started. Program Design Principles takes athletes through a variety of considerations related to designing, modifying, and monitoring programs.

Module 1 | Introduction, Principles & Strategies

Learn about how to align exercise selection with sport-specific and fitness goals. Apply appropriate volume and intensity metrics to your work. Understand how to order and pair exercises based on muscle actions and workload.

Module 2 |Sport Science Basics

Understanding a little bit more about what’s happening at the cellular level when we physically stress our bodies during exercise and training can definitely help us out. We can use this understanding to help us know when to push a little harder, and just as importantly, when to apply the brakes.

Module 3 |The Role of Recovery

Recovery plays a vital role in any good training program. The biggest challenge of course, is understanding what that should look like. Here, we explore different methods of integrating recovery into a training program focusing on why, when, and how it should happen.

Other Documents

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