Explore basics on how to fuel properly as an athlete. In this series, we discover macro-nutrients, micro-nutrition, nutrient timing principles, and the role of nutritional supplementation.

Module 1 | The Roles of Macronutrients

In this module, students explore the roles of different macronutrients and the general understanding of food as “fuel”. This is the best place to start, as it sets us up for what’s to come with respect to nutrient timing, and the vital roles that nutrition plays in preparing for training and competition and providing sustained energy.

Module 2| The Roles of Micronutrients

Although we don’t necessarily regard micronutrients as “fuel”, they play a huge role in our success (or lack thereof) as athletes. In this module, students are introduced to the extreme importance of looking beyond the amount of “energy” that is supplied by their food and drink choices, and placing a higher value on the benefits they can receive from micro-nutrient dense sources.

Module 3| An Introduction to Nutrient Timing

Even when kept fairly simple, nutrient timing principles can drastically improve success we achieve in training and competition. In this module, we will revisit some of the things we’ve learned about macronutrients, and apply them to timing our energy consumption strategically for training and competition.

Module 4| Nutritional Supplementation

The multi-billion dollar industry of nutritional supplementation in without question, one of the most popular areas of interest amongst student athletes. From multi-vitamins to protein shakes, the marketing of nutritional supplementation toward young athletes deserves a long and careful look. In this module we scratch the surface of what to consider when making choices that involve nutritional supplementation.

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