In this series, we explore injury management from an athletic perspective. We discuss types of injury, various roles in sports medicine, the role of strength and conditioning, and the rehabilitative process.

Module 1 | Types of Injury and Reducing Risk

In this module, we classify types of injury and introduce the role of strength and conditioning as a method for reducing risk of injury. From what we learn here, students should be able to apply what they know about injury risk in their own sports and positions.

Module 2 | The Role of Sports Medicine

In this module, we explore the order of operation in the sports medicine world when it comes to going from the mechanism of injury to the full recovery. It all starts with a proper diagnosis, and a referral to the right people! Smart athletes know the best way to navigate this system!

Module 3 | S&C for Risk Reduction

In this session, we come to understand the varying causes of athletic injury, and the role that strength and conditioning plays in reducing risk of those injuries by addressing each causes.

Module 4 | S&C for Rehabilitation

Here we examine what a well-designed strength training program should look like for the sake of rehabilitation. What’s most important in this situation is the fact that we change gears- and rather than measuring our progress through common metrics like volume and intensity, we maintain a focus on improving quality of movement and progressing exercises in a nature that challenges the movement and functionality of joints that are involved in the injury, rather than simply the strength of the muscle that supports them.

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