Welcome to Smarter Athletes Part 3! Energy Systems 101 is an action-packed tour of the processes our bodies use to deliver the energy we require for physical work….

Module 1 | Recognizing and Identifying Systems

In this module, we’ll get our feet wet with understanding the different systems our bodies use, and when which system takes on the role as the “primary energy system”. We’ll apply this knowledge to the physical work we do ourselves in sport, for example, progressing from a walk, to a run, to a full-blown sprint. We’ll also discuss the efficiency of each system, and this will lead us into what comes next. Can you feel the excitement?!

Module 2 | The Substrate Level

Remember when we learned about macronutrients, and the different ways they feed our physical efforts? Specifically, carbohydrate metabolism? Well, we were really only just scratching the surface of what’s going on behind the scenes there… Hang on tight- this one can get bumpy. If you’re not too familiar with some basic concepts in biology and human physiology, don’t worry… but it’s totally ok if some of this stuff flies by you on the first time around.

Module 3 | Fuel and Re-Fuel

So now that we know what’s going on at the substrate level (sort of)… let’s apply what we know about nutrition and specifically nutrient timing to make sure we are optimally fuelling the systems we rely on for training and competition. If you’ve been moving through the Smarter Athletes modules in order, this is where things can really start to come together for those of you with solid program design!

Module 4 | Specificity and Meaningful Work

If you’ve known me for more than five minutes… you’ve heard me use the term “deliberate practice”. It’s a cornerstone to sound athlete development and there are fewer examples of scenarios where it is more important than in program design. Depending on whether our desired results are improved speed, power, anaerobic capacity, or muscular endurance- we should design and manipulate our programming metrics accordingly. Before we start doing all kinds of physical work, let’s figure that out, shall we?

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