Smarter Athletes Presentations are currently being made available in video format with voice-over for all students enrolled in courses that include the Smarter Athletes program.

You can view any of the presentations below in a PDF format (slides only), or as a video via the Stronger BCSS YouTube Channel.

To access videos or PDF versions of any of the Smarter Athletes courses listed below, click on the link below a course description to download or view any of the content related to that course.

This session is broken down into three modules:

  1. Program design principles;
  2. Basic applications in sport science;
  3. Understanding recovery.

Completing this session provides students with a better understanding of how to go about designing and modifying their own fitness programs to align with their personal fitness goals. It provides a great starting point for students looking to build self-sufficiency in a strength and conditioning environment.

Smarter Athletes 02 | Nutrition for Athletes

This session is separated into four modules:

  1. Understanding the macro-nutrient level;
  2. Understanding the micro-nutrient level;
  3. Basic principles in nutrient timing;
  4. The role of nutritional supplementation.

Athletes who complete these modules will develop a thorough understanding of how to fuel optimally for training, competition, and recovery. Nutrition is a vital pillar in athletic success and sustainable, continuous, improvement. Navigating a proper approach to meal planning and nutrition strategies can be overwhelming for young athletes. This series provides a great place to get a clear start.

Explore Nutrition for Athletes

Smarter Athletes 03 | Energy Systems

This session is separated into four modules:

  1. Recognizing and identifying energy systems;
  2. Understanding the substrate level;
  3. Fuelling and refuelling energy systems;
  4. Program design & specificity.

By understanding the ways in which our bodies produce and deliver the energy we require to perform physical work- we better-equip ourselves with the tools for meaningful training and successful competition. Although this series does present students with a fair amount of sport science, which, at times is better understood with a basic background in biology and physiology- students should challenge themselves with this opportunity to build a broader understanding of how to target specific energy systems while training and reap the benefits!

Explore Energy Systems

Smarter Athletes 04 | Injury Management

This session is separated into four modules:

  1. Reducing risk of injury with strength and conditioning;
  2. Understanding different roles and professions in sports medicine;
  3. Developing a maintenance routine;
  4. Taking action with recovery and rehabillitation.

Injury management is a broad and overlooked area of athlete development. For our intent and purpose, in this series we only explore the macro-level briefly, before zeroing in on the roles of strength and conditioning within injury management. Simply put, athletes who recognize how strength and conditioning can play a fundamental role in reducing the risk(s) of injury have a better chance of staying injury-free. In the unfortunate event of injury- athletes who know how to approach recovery and rehabilitation recover sooner, and with better strength.

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