The Smarter Athletes program was introduced at B.C.S.S. in 2010 to provide students with interactive experiences that explore some of the many sub-disciplines in sport-science and athletic training. Each session focuses on applications to athlete development and potential career pathways beyond being in the athlete role.

Some of the most popular Smarter Athletes presentations involve:

  • Sport Nutrition Principles
  • Injury Management & Injury Prevention for Athletes
  • Strength and Conditioning Program Design Principles
  • Periodization and Long-term Planning
  • Sport Psychology Basics
  • Energy Systems Training & Conditioning
  • Resistance Training Principles
  • Active Recovery

Smarter Athletes presentations are offered through the B.C.S.S. HPE curriculum, teams and clubs, and other departments that want to involve the sub-disciplines of sport-science and athlete development in their courses.

Coaches, students, or staff members that are interested in setting up a Smarter Athletes session can do so through our strength and conditioning department.