The smarter athletes program at B.C.S.S. provides students with interactive opportunities to better-understand some of the sub-disciplines of sport-science and athlete development.

Student athletes at B.C.S.S. have been benefiting from the Smarter Athletes program for the past decade by applying what they learn to their own athletic improvement, and in some cases, fuelling their passion for a career in sport.

The Smarter Athletes program connects students with sub-disciplines in sport-science and athlete development.

After participating in a Smarter Athletes session, students can view and download presentations in video or PDF format.

Sessions are offered through B.C.S.S. HPE curriculum, school teams and clubs, and through other academic departments that connect specific areas of their curriculum to a theme in sport-science or athlete development.

Select sessions are also provided with SHSM certifications for eligible students. In these certification sessions, students complete additional work and training to become certified in our in-house strength and conditioning mentorship program. You can learn more about the Smarter Athletes Certification program here.

View all Smarter Athletes courses and modules here.