Attention Senior Students!

If you are a senior student at B.C.S.S. who loves strength training and fitness and you know your way around a weight room, the senior student supervision mentorship is a great opportunity for you.

This program is available to grade eleven and twelve students who can are interested in filling the duties of weight-room in-area supervision during extra-curricular training sessions (during lunch and after school).

As a mentor, you are responsible for:

  1. Helping others learn exercises and understanding how to use equipment safely and properly;
  2. reporting any issues to our athletics department / strength and conditioning coordinator;
  3. ensuring safe and responsible behaviour in our training spaces;
  4. providing guidance and assistance to younger student athletes.

Students in the program fill a supervisory role in one of our training spaces while an in-area staff supervisor is present. This enables us to use all of our training spaces during extra-curricular hours- rather than just one with direct staff supervision, and is in compliance with OPHEA health and safety guidelines.

Senior student supervisors will earn community involvement hours and will receive B.C.S.S. “trainer” apparel.

If you’re interested in signing up- complete the form below by August 20, 2021

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