Welcome to the teams and clubs section… if you’re here, it’s probably because you’re looking for something that has been created for your B.C.S.S. team or club.

Below, you’ll find links to training programs, calendars, and schedules for specific B.C.S.S. teams and clubs that have been designed by our strength and conditioning department.

While these resources are great references for you to keep handy, creating them, and reading them are the easy parts… Your ability to regularly execute programming is not as easy.

Athletes who are truly committed to improving their craft recognize the importance and value of regular strength and conditioning work, and its integral role in their ongoing success and continuous improvement.

If you’re downloading one of the programs below, be sure that you are logged into your YRDSB GAPPS user account to gain access. If you are having issues accessing a program, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The best athlete is made during the off-season…


BCSS Varsity Wrestling | Strength & Conditioning Program
This program was designed for all members of the varsity wrestling team to maintain sport-specific strength through the pre-season and competitive season.

BCSS Varsity Football | Off-Season Conditioning Program
This team training program is a multi-phase, three-stage program that was designed for all members of the BCSS football program. Team lift sessions have been scheduled from December through May.

BCSS Senior Boys Prep Basketball | S&C Program
This program was developed in September for members of the Senior Boys Prep Basketball program. Scheduled team lifts vary based on practice and competition schedules weekly. Players are reminded to check their team calendars provided by coaches.

SSP Soccer | Semester Two Strength Training Grid
Members of the BCSS SSP Soccer Program are currently using this multi-stage grid to complete their strength and conditioning workouts twice weekly. The grid provides a level one, level two, and level three version of each exercise- which allows students to choose exercises for each muscle action that are within their ability range.

Junior Girls Excellence Basketball | Introductory Strength Training
This program was designed to give members of the junior girls excellence squad a well-rounded introduction to strength training and can be used throughout the remainder of the competitive season, and into the early stages of the off-season.