Students who are interested in designing, or modifying their current training programs to stay active and train purposefully at home can get started any time by following the steps below.

Step One. Reach out.
Get in touch with our strength and conditioning department by e-mail. Let us know what type of training you’re doing at home, and what type of equipment and resources you have access to. Get started now by e-mailing our strength and conditioning coordinator at

Step Two. Assessment.
Let’s assess where you’re at and make sure you’re not going to be doing anything too unfamiliar. I’ll send you back a reply with a short questionnaire about your current fitness level, ability, exercise familiarity, and the access you have to resources. If you have a fully-stocked gym in your basement, we’re working with a few more possibilities that someone with a pair of free weights and a pull-up bar. Please remember that the exercises and drills that you’re doing at home need to be well-within your margin of ability. The programming that we are building together during this incredibly unique time is designed to help you maintain your fitness, rather than explore new heights.

Step Three. Let’s Keep the Lines Open
We’ll communicate back-and-forth to set up a preliminary design. Essentially, we’ll build a weekly rotation of exercise that you can rely on to maintain fitness, and it will be based on your desired frequency of workouts per week, intensity of exercise, goals, and resources available!