As you know by now… our entire staff are working exceptionally hard to prepare students for an online learning experience over the weeks that lie ahead.

Although there are very few strength and conditioning programs that run through our department that don’t involve physical demonstration, in-person instruction, or close monitoring- resources and services are going to be shifted online as best as possible, and will be made available to students who are interested.

Online resources for our student athletes include:

Program Design Review & Consultation
Students who are looking for ways to stay active and train meaningfully while at home can work with our strength and conditioning department virtually to review program design and make changes.
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Smarter Athletes Modules — Watch Online
Many of our senior fitness and HPE programs include Smarter Athletes Sessions over the course of the semester. These sessions explore various sub-disciplines of sport-science and their applications in athlete development and training. Although the in-class sessions provide an interactive and engaging experience for students- online video sessions with voice-over presentation will be made available in the weeks that lie ahead.
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Video Conferencing for Teams & Clubs
Members of teams and clubs that were involved in regularly scheduled strength and conditioning sessions will likely have common interests with respect to at-home program design options, and may likely be facing similar challenges with respect to resources available. If you are interested in scheduling a online meeting as a team or club to focus on Q&A related to programming options, we can definitely make it happen.
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The Stronger BCSS Blog
I’ll look forward to using the Stronger BCSS Blog and a few other social media tools to share resources and updates as they become available.
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