Welcome to the Six Day Challenge!

This at-home fitness program was designed to introduce students to a variety of minimalist approaches to fitness while access to fitness facilities or other training locations is limited!

So get ready to explore minimalist fitness in different ways that will hopefully not only challenge you, but maybe even get you out of your comfort zone for a little bit. From power plyometrics to yoga, and aerobic capacity training to pilates, it’s all here!

Introducing the Six Day Challenge – From StrongerBCSS.ca

What is the six day challenge exactly? Watch below- and learn what it’s all about in just under four minutes…

Welcome to the Six Day Challenge! A minimalist exploration of fitness that you can do from almost anywhere! Are you ready?

Class Participation Challenge…

Each day, you’ll be able to contribute to your class participation score by uploading proof of your participation in the daily workout. Your total class participation percentage earns points for your squad each day.

So if 84 percent of the students in your class complete the workout and upload proof each day- your class will score 84 points! But wait… there’s more!

A Bonus Challenge Every Day…

On top of the daily workout, each day of the six day challenge features a fun daily bonus challenge related to the workout itself.

At the end of each workout video, stay tuned for a special bonus challenge to test yourself in a specific area of the work we’ve done! If you successfully complete the challenge- upload your proof in the Six Day Challenge results form for the day!

Using the example above- where 84 percent of class members participated in the workout and earned 84 points for the group, if 33 percent of the students in your class also complete the bonus challenge successfully- your squad is awarded an additional 33 bonus points on the day. Bringing your daily point total to 117.

Uploading your Proof…

Uploading proof of your completed daily workout and daily challenge tasks is super-easy. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that you’re logged into your YRDSB GAPPS account
  2. Select and view the appropriate day of the challenge.
  3. After completing the daily workout and/or daily challenge tasks and recording your video(s), click on the buttons below the video to upload your “proof” of completion. *
  4. Complete the short google form. Be sure to select your class by class period and teacher name from the drop-down list. This is your team! Don’t give your points away to another team!

Note : Proof of a daily workout is provided as a time-lapse video while proof of a daily challenge task should be provided in real-time video. The exception to this is Day 3. Which only requires a screen capture image as proof of your workout using your GPS fitness tracking app of choice.

Watch this short video on how to upload proof of your 6 Day Challenge Workout or Daily Bonus Challenge!

And that’s it… So, are you ready?

Follow any of the links below to get swept into the six-day challenge. Each page includes more detail about the individual workout of the day and the exercises involved, along with a video- which you can use to follow-along while completing your workout (recommended), or, memorize-and-go!

And of course, as mentioned earlier, just below the video embedded on each page, you can click to upload your proof after completing the workout for the day, and the daily challenge.

Day 01 :
Minimalist Lower Body Power & Strength + Functional Core Work

Day 02 :
Full-Body Mobility & Stability Work with a 30-Minute Yoga Flow Sequence

Day 03 :
Aerobic Capacity & Budgeting Energy for Sustained Effort

Day 04 :
Functional Core Strength & Control with Pilates

Day 05 :
Power & Quickness Work with Plyometric & Short-Range Agility Drills

Day 06 :
Minimalist Upper Body Strength & Shoulder Health

All Videos :
The Six Day Challenge YouTube Video Playlist