Hey B.C.S.S.

First- thanks for your patience. It’s been an interesting to start to our year- but we’re here, and it’s nice to see so many of you back in our training spaces, moving, and getting work done.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting together a program schedule for this school year, largely, with thanks to a team of amazing grade 12 students who have taken on the responsibilities of our senior-student mentorship program.

During lunch-hour and after-school training sessions, you’ll see these amazing members of our B.C.S.S. community in the weight rooms working out, and helping out, whenever anyone needs a hand. Having our mentors with us means that we can have more than one training space open at the same time, which makes everything less-crowded, and a lot more fun to use.

With all of this in mind though- everyone needs to be familiar with what’s expected of them. If you’re working out with us this year, hopefully you’ve already completed the student use agreement– if you haven’t, get it done now. It only takes a few minutes, and it lets me know that you’re on board and you know the rules.

As fall season sport programs draw near, there will likely be a little more traffic through our training spaces, so working together to keep everything in good working order is the only way…

Have a look at the training and drop-in schedule as it currently stands for the 21/22 school year… and as always, let me know if you have any questions.

Happy training,


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