I recently had the pleasure of hearing from BCSS Alumni, and Carleton University football co-captain Cole Hepburn.

If you know Cole- or know of him- you know he’s a machine in the weight room. But hopefully you also know how seriously he takes his work when he’s not pushing big numbers.

Heading toward the CFL combine- Cole knew he was strong, but wanted to build a proper mobility program that he could throw into his heavy rotation.

We worked together on it, and after it was done, I couldn’t help but feel like a lot of the work we put together, and the way we organized it was really … with the exception of a few advanced movements, for everyone.

So I’ve taken what I loved most from what Cole and I worked on together- and I’ve created this… Mobility First. Always…

Check it out. Full-body Mobility…


Want to jump right to a section of the video? Use the bookmarks below- to navigate to a specific joint!

What you’ll need…

Aside from a little bit of space and a soft mat between your body and the floor to make things more comfortable, you’ll also need:

  • A foam roller / grid roller
  • Trigger-point ball / massage ball / lacrosse ball
  • Resistance band / thera-band

And if you’re still reading…

I want to circle back to something I mentioned earlier. What Cole and I came up with was a collaborative effort. As a University athlete well-versed in S&C and a passion for learning the “why” from early on, Cole doesn’t need much help when it comes to programming.

His self-sufficiency, and his awareness of how important it is to be able to call your own shots, build your own programming, and then implement it should be the goal of every young high-school-aged student-athlete reading this.

Happy training.


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