As you all know by now… our entire staff are working extremely hard to create meaningful online learning experiences for all of our student athletes.

While your academic commitment remains your highest priority, just as it did while our doors were open- I am hopeful that there is still an important place in your daily schedule for physical health and well-being.

For some of you, without access to the strength and conditioning resources that you’re used to- this will pose an interesting challenge.

I would encourage those of you that are faced with this challenge to meet it with positivity and an open mind. If you’re used to working out in a large facility with plenty of training options, this may be especially challenging.

I won’t lie… and try to tell you that you can do any, and every version of muscle action, with comparable load intensity, joint angles, and movement velocity that you’re used to without the familiar comforts of a gym filled with training equipment… but I will promise you that you can still exercise and train meaningfully.

What that looks like however, depends on what you do have access to… and of course, determining a safe place to start.

So, in addition to your digital return to the classroom this week- if you have time, and you’re interested, please reach out. I’m here to help.

For more information- check out the COVID-19 update section that I’ve added to

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Happy training.



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