Are you interested in learning more about an upcoming Smarter Athletes session? Check the schedule and dates below to learn more about how you can attend, or when you’ll be able to view the presentation online!

Smarter Athletes 2020 | 02 – Nutrition for Athletes
This session opens the door to the extremely important and influential role that nutrition plays in athletic performance. While we begin by exploring nutrition at the macro-level with respect to the role of food as “fuel”- we also discuss the importance of balanced micronutrient intake, and for the athlete- a basic understanding of nutrient timing principles. This session will be presented to students in senior fitness HPE programs and our food and nutrition course. It will also be offered as a sign-up session for students during ILIP in March 2020!
Coming soon: Watch the video here!

Smarter Athletes 2020 | 03 – Injury Management & Prevention
This session covers a variety of sub-topics related to athletic injury management and treatment. We distinguish between certain types of injury, identify early warning signs and risk factors, and discuss the process of injury management and rehabilitation for athletes. This session will be presented to students in most HPE fitness programs and will also be available as an ILIP sign-up session in April 2020.
Coming soon: Watch the video here!