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As a home for more than 1,500 student-athletes, Bill Crothers Secondary School serves as a high-school and a high-performance training centre intertwined as one. With four separate in-house training spaces, BCSS is equipped to service athletes from any sport discipline in a strength and conditioning environment.

The Plyometrics Centre

Better known as the High Performance Training Centre (HPTC), the Plyometrics Centre is located on the first floor and boasts approximately 2200 square feet of functional training space for athletes that are serious about strength and conditioning. The room features weightlifting platforms and bumper plates, power racks, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyometrics training equipment, suspension trainers, and other high-velocity training tools.

The Weight Room

Our weight room located on the second floor provides more of a health club setting. This space is ideal for athletes who are new to strength training, or for those who are more interested in an active-for-life training environment. The second-floor weight room is equipped with a full roster of universal training equipment, free weights, suspension trainers and stability training equipment. Building a sense of familiarity with the equipment in this room will provide students with knowledge and confidence to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle beyond their years at BCSS when joining a community gym or health club.

The Energy Systems Training Centre

Our second-floor Energy Systems Training Centre should be recognized as much more than just a “cardio” training room. Equipped with a full set of spin bikes, ergometers, and treadmills, this training space is ready to help any athlete train deliberately and purposefully in the energy system(s) that are most-appropriate to their sport/role. Of course, the room is also well-suited to anyone who just wants to enjoy an aerobic workout, or an occasional spin class as well. There are no exceptions when it comes to the role of energy systems training for athletic pursuits.

The Yoga Studio

Located on the third floor, our yoga studio is a beautiful, naturally-lit space where many of our students quickly learn to appreciate the role that yoga and other forms of active recovery play in their athletic lifestyle. On a weekly basis, yoga classes and guided active recovery sessions are provided to fitness-based HPE classes and in extra-curricular settings for students who sign-up for a session. For many athletes, this is the most-valuable training space that BCSS has to offer!


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