Exclusive Smarter Athletes Sessions

Options for Teams and Clubs

When the team is SMARTER, the team is STRONGER.

It's a crazy concept to some... but imagine a "practice" where everyone was sitting down- there are no drills, strategies, or skill devleopment exercises in this practice plan. Today, we're just working on the brain.

The Smarter Athletes program started at BCSS in 2010 to provide high performance and competitive-stream athletes with opportunities to expand their ancillary capacities- their knowledge of their sport, and specifically, HOW to be a better athlete in their field. Since it's introduction, the program has been introduced in our HPA, LTAD, and SSF program curriculum, and is also used with teams and clubs all year long.

If your team or club could benefit from a lunch-hour, or after-school smarter athletes workshop session on a topic like nutrition and meal planning, active recovery methods, or injury management and prevention, let's set that up before your season is full-swing! A little bit of learning in these areas can go a long way!