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Welcome to the online home of strength and conditioning at Bill Crothers Secondary School. StrongerBCSS is an online hub of information and resources for student athletes, coaches, teachers, and parents.

The site was created to continue to drive the mission of the strength and conditioning department at BCSS: build strong, smart, and self-sufficient athletes.

Currently, BCSS is home to more than 1500 student athletes. Rather than taking an approach that only provides the how and the what, with respect to strength and conditioning- our mission is to start with why. Our goal is not to train athletes who continue to remain dependent on the knowledge of a strength and conditioning coach or professional trainer- but rather, to build the ancillary capacities of those athletes in a strength and conditioning environment to the point where they become completely comfortable working without a trainer or coach. Smarter, self-sufficient athletes have a better understanding of what it means to perform deliberate practice- a cornerstone to success in Long Term Athlete Development.

Schcedules and Programs

Click on a schedule below to view or downlaod in PDF format.

Drop-in Programs - 2019/2020 School Year

These programs are available to all-students who have completed a strength and conditioning facility orientation session.

Sign-up Programs - 2019/2020 School Year

These programs require a weekly sign-up. To register for a session- email our strength and conditioning coordinator, Mr. Virgo using your GAPPS account.

Getting Started

Getting familiar with strength and conditioning at BCSS has never been easier

Take a Tour

Video tour of S&C facilities...

Take a video tour to learn more about facilites and equipment at Bill Crothers Secondary! Whether you're just getting started, or you have a tonne of strength and conditioning experience behind you, here's a great way to learn what's available at BCSS!

Get started with programming

Complete a S&C Program Request.

If you've completed a strength and conditioning orientation session, and you've attended at least 10 drop-in training sessions, let's get to work on creating something customized for you! The first step is completing this S&C program request form!

Get Familiar

Complete a facility orientation session.

In order to participate in drop-in training sessions, or sign-up programs, all students MUST first attend a strength and conditioning program orientation session to learn about rules, guidelines, and expectaitons for training. Once you've completed an orientation session, the real fun begins, and the sky's the limit!

Get Training!

Join a drop-in or sign-up session.

A variety of programs are available to all students. To stay up-to-date with programs, be sure to follow StrongerBCSS on Twitter and Instagram- and don't forget to check the Strength and Conditioning board (outside of the athletics office) regularly! Downlaod current program schedules here.

Looking for Something?

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